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Message Bag:   Cream canvas bag with black print and black tassle.  Lots of funny and fab messages you choose from.


This bag can be used for many purposes such as toiletries, cosmetics, accessories.  Lovely gift idea.

Delivered in grey organza presentation bag.

Dimensions: 28cm x 18cm with gusset x 8cm.


Choose the perfect message

Mother/Daughter: Beautiful bag made of cream canvas and black print with the words 'We've been mother and daughter right from the start and the friendship we share is a gift from the heart'.

Fab 30: 'Fabulous@30'

Fab 40: 'Fabulous@40'

Fab 50: 'Fabulous@50'

Fab 60: 'Fabulous@60',

Mummy Mum: Mum, Mummy, Mother

Yummy Mummy: Yummy Mummy.

Best Looking sister: Best looking Sister

Best looking mum: Best looking Mum

Sister Bond: Sisters share a special bond.....that lasts a lifetime...

Glam Granny: Glamourous Granny.

Best looking Aunty: Best looking Aunty.

Best Looking Friend: Best looking Friend

Perfection: Perfection in Progress.

Magic: 'Please Please Please work your magic for me today'

Botox: 'Maybe shes born with it maybe its Botox' 

Dull/Sparkle: 'Always remember never let anyone dull your sparkle'